February 14, 2017

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The Standard when it comes to Home Inspection Reports

Standardized Home Inspection Report
Finally a standard home inspection report form that is simple to use and easy to understand. If you have looked at the many different home inspection reports out there you have probably noticed they all are poorly written, unorganized and filled with garbage that only adds to the clutter. They are designed by people who have no clue when it comes to page layout and style. Most of them are a complete mess, and your client is not able to read it and get any value out of it!

Simple PDF Home Inspection Report
If you have purchased home inspection reports before, you know how costly this can be. Most companies charge about $15 per report. If you do 300 jobs per year that comes out to a whopping $4,500 per year! There is no reason why any home inspector should be paying this much for reports. We give you the PDF file so you can do what you wish with your reports. You can print them yourself, you can send them to a printer to make multi-sheet carbon less sets, or not print them at all. Go paperless and email your client the finished digital PDF report.

Multi-Platform Compatibility
There are expensive software based reports out there, but their output is just as bad. You are also limited to specific hardware and operating systems that these programs must run on. Don’t waist your time with a steep  learning curve on somebody else’s system. Everybody already knows how to use PDF files and they have multi-platform compatibility. You can generate the reports on site if you have a handheld device or laptop. You can finish the reports back in your office, or have them pre-printed so you can give your client an immediate paper copy.

Flexible Data Entry and Customizable
Our reports are very intuitive even at the data entry level. You can enter comments in the form just as if you are writing the report yourself by hand. Many of the blank spaces have hidden boxes so you can enter additional comments to personalize the report. We can also customize the form for your individual needs (for a small fee). Contact us for details.

For States with Home Inspection Licensing or Multi-Inspector Firms
A standardized home inspection report form brings consistency to this industry. Currently each company puts out such a different printed product that it only confuses clients and agents. This report is very intuitive and has a long history of use going back to 1988. It has also been used as part of a home inspection course at the college level. It is written and designed around ASHI® Standards. States are encouraged to adopt this report form as a required component of your home inspection licensing requirements. Please contact us for a volume discount arrangement.

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